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From Setup to S-Corp

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From Setup
to S-Corp

Videos, Lives, Community, Network

You’ll get:

the tax code was written by business owners for business owners

Business owners get the best tax breaks.

You can get them too

You just need to learn what I know

Get setup properly

And follow the rules to win

You’ll get:

the tax code was written by business owners for business owners

Business owners get the best tax breaks.

You can get them too

You just need to learn what I know

Get setup properly

And follow the rules to win

I believe anyone can enjoy the benefits of owning a business.

Introducing: The Accelerator

It’s designed to help you setup your business.

If you’re selling a thing, want to make sure you are setup properly and save money on taxes…

I created The Accelerator to help you get your entire business setup legally and professionally in as little as a single weekend.

Sneak Peak:
Inside The Accelerator 👇

(this is the first video)

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✅ Expert-Taught Courses 📺

I created a series of step-by-step video courses to help you 

📚 Course 1: Business Foundation – Steps You Cannot Skip

  • Business: A New Set Of Rules
  • Employees vs Businesses: Who Keeps More?
  • Cash Flow Quadrant: The Path to Lower Taxes
  • Don’t Google Your Business Name!
  • Choosing A Name – Do’s And Don’ts
  • Business Plans Made Easy: 12 Simple Questions
  • How To Calculate Costs & Budget For Your Startup
  • Funding Your Startup: Best Ways To Get Money
  • LLC vs S-Corp: What’s The Difference?
  • Smart Partnering Strategies for Startups

📚 Course 2: Setup Your Business Like A Pro – Step-By-Step

  • The 4 Essential Steps To Starting A Business
  • The Ultimate LLC Guide
  • Complete LLC Formation In 1 Step
  • How To Get An EIN
  • Your Guide To Opening A Business Bank Account
  • Bulletproof Your LLC: How to Fill Out An Operating Agreement

📚 Course 3: Handle Your Money: Taxes, Paying Yourself, Write Offs, and CPAs

  • What The Rich Know That YOU Don’t
  • How Taxes Work
  • What Is A “Write Off” And How Does It Work?
  • Quarterly Taxes Explained – How To Stay Out Of Trouble
  • Why You Need A Bookkeeper And How To Hire One
  • Crash Course On Financial Documents
  • How To Get Paid Like A Pro
  • How To Properly Track Expenses
  • How To Properly Pay People
  • How To Pay Yourself As An LLC
  • 10 Questions To Ask A CPA Before You Hire Them
  • How To Build Business Credit
  • How To Choose The Right Business Credit Card
  • Intro To Accounting Software – Why It’s Important
  • The BEST and EASIEST Way To Save Money On Taxes
  • 5 Business Write Offs You Can Use NOW

📚 Course 4: The Quick-Start Guide To Insurance, Permits, and Licenses

  • Insurance And Permits – Do I Need Them?
  • Business License: How To Get One And How To Fill It Out
  • Business Insurance – Everything You Need To Know
  • How To Handle Reseller Permits And Sales Tax

📚 Course 5: S-Corps – Step-By-Step Guide on S-Corp Setup and Use

  • The 3 Levels Of Business
  • Why You Want To Become An S-Corp And How It Works
  • How To Become An S-Corp
  • How To Pay Yourself As An S-Corp
  • How To Follow The S-Corp Rules
  • What Happens If I Change My Business Idea?
  • How To Partner As An S-Corp
  • What Comes After S-Corps?

What our first round of members are saying

Endorsed by a CPA

✅ Bonus 1: Legal Document Library $2200 value

I hired a lawyer to custom create 22 of the most common documents used in business.

You can literally fill-in-the-blank on the PDF version, or take the Google version and customize it to your needs.

🗄️ Legal Document Library: Swipe Our 22 “Fill In The Blank” Legal Documents

  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Business Plan Template
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Rental Agreement
  • Non Compete Non Solicit Agreement
  • Commercial Lease Agreement
  • Balance Sheet Template
  • W-9 Form
  • W8BEN Form
  • Real Estate Income Template
  • Expense Reimbursement Form
  • Expense Reimbursement Agreement
  • Warranty Tracker
  • Mileage Reimbursement Form
  • Startup Cost Worksheet
  • Billable Rate Form
  • Profit & Loss Template
  • Cashflow Template
  • Break Even Worksheet
  • Financial Statement Template

✅ Bonus 2: Members Only Community 💬 $397 value

One of the fastest ways to level up is learning from others. Hang out with us, become friends with us. We will help each other.

Whether it’s questions feedback on your business plan, or you just need some advice from another business owner who “gets it”…

You’ll have access to a private, members only section to connect, ask, share, and brag in a safe, moderated environment with Evan.

✅ Bonus 3: Access To My Network $14,500 value

I’ve developed a network of people I trust. You can use them too!

  • Accountants, Bookkeepers, and CPAs & Lawyers
  • Business Insurance Brokers
  • Designers and Formulators
  • Amazon and Shopify Experts
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Web Designers
  • Shipping Companies
  • Packaging Manufacturers
  • International Suppliers
  • Marketers & Content Creators
  • Photographers & Video Editors

We will help you find whoever you need.

✅ Bonus 4: Ask Evan Live 📲$4900 value

Join me on Zoom every Thursday. 

This is your chance to get my help.

Ask questions – share wins – connect with the group.

This is by far my favorite part of the accelerator. 

I love seeing regular faces and names.

✅ Bonus 5: Guest spot on my Podcast 📲$2500 value

Finish all the videos.

Get invited on the Podcast.

You can talk about your business, ask questions or we can just hang out. 

Either way – its a chance to share what you do with the world!

my tax bill went down by $27,670 the first year i got A REAL CPA I'll never forget that

Here's what you get:

✅ All Access pass to Vanader Accelerator Courses. 

✅ Bonus 1: Access to the Legal Document Library of fill-in-the-blank, lawyer-created legal documents. $2200

Bonus 2: Access the members-only community to connect with other business owners (and me!) $397

✅ Bonus 3: Access a rolodex of “my people” (accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, and more). $14,500

✅ Bonus 4: Ask questions and get feedback from experts in weekly Ask Evan Live. $4900

✅ Bonus 5: Guest spot on my podcast. Finish the videos – get an invite $2500

$24,497 of value for $99/month

Here's What Our Members Say

featured in

Wall Street Journal

Swapping to S-Corp saves you an average of $15,644 per year

🥇 Accelerator Gold

Connect with me personally as you build your business.
$ 99
per month
  • Access to every course
  • Members only community
  • Legal documents library
  • Referrals to “my people”
  • Weekly “Ask Evan Live"

Looking for More?

Schedule your Private 1-on-1
with Evan: $5,000


YES! I believe in supporting my students, and that means showing up and engaging regularly. Plus, I host the weekly Ask Evan Live where you can ask me questions, get feedback or share your wins. 

Email me or Deacon and we will refund you. You can keep all of the legal documents along with everything else you’ve gained. I want you success more than anything. 

If you have an idea, or you’ve already started your business – The Accelerator is perfect for you. 

You may not be a good fit if you aren’t ready to take action.

Nothing. I can only speak based on my experience. Building Scorch Marker has taught me a lot. I continue to play the role of CEO with large portion of my time. As I practice, learn, and adapt, I get to share those lessons with you. 

The best thing I can say to this is that I’ve done it. 

I teach you with videos and drawings from my notebook – the same drawings I use on Instagram and Tiktok. Only this time, I teach you ALL OF IT.

How to legally set up your business. We go through the business plan, projections, LLC, EIN, bank accounts, credit, bookkeepers, accounting, profit and losses, CPAs, taxes, write-offs, S-Corps and more!

I can teach you how to get your business set up properly and in a way that gives you the most protection, and saves you the most in taxes. 

Of course! That’s what this community is all about. You can privately message me at any time. But its the live calls where you will get the most value. I love doing it.  I can answer specific questions about your business and help you with the challenges that are holding you back or we celebrate your wins. 

Remember, when you finish the videos – you get invited onto the Podcast to talk about your business!

Yep! I want you to be successful no matter what.

If you want to absorb the info, apply it an move on to the next opportunity that’s ok! But I hope you’ll stay for the community and the relationships. Your net worth is your network.

Not yet, but we will. Until then, please let me know if someone joins that you so we can take care of you 🙂

Watch the intro video!

  • introduce yourself – tell us about your business
  • show up to the lives
  • download the legal docs
  • ask and answer questions
  • watch all the videos and post about it
  • get invited to the podcast
  • ask questions in the community
  • help others by giving
  • find the right CPA/Accountant

We got your back!

Yes! It’s $5,000 per session. To have more than 1 session you must pass the screening. You can schedule a session using this link.

Absolutely! That’s my wheelhouse! Start with the video lessons so we can build the foundation.

If you have questions. DM me. 

If you wanna build it together, show up to the Ask Evan Lives on Thursdays at 11am PST.

Of course you can! Just message Deacon Bradley or myself and we will take care of you right away!